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I’m twenty-two girl from Poland, study Polish philology. First time I ‘met’ with Vonnegut was four-five years ago when I watched 'Breakfast of champions'. I was delighted with that film and wanted to read the novel. I couldn’t find it anywhere but I found 'Cat’s cradle' – and, although firstly I felt quite strange and was a little surprised, I fell in love with it very quick. I started to looking for Vonnegut everywhere I could and finally I found 'Breakfast'. Now, after few years, I suppose it was better that 'Breakfast' wasn’t my first Vonnegut’s novel. I could misunderstand it then or not appreciate it so much as it should be. 'Cat’s cradle' is more classical as a novel but it contains all what I love Vonnengut for. And bokononism is something what I still try to remember and think about when I read anything else.

I’m very glad I found this community and I can talk with you about one of my favourite writers. Vonnegut was and still is for me a special person and reading his books is the opportunity to find something new and important every time.

If there is anything wrong with my English, let me know. It’s not my mother tongue and I still learn it so I will appreciate every comment. I don’t want my posts to be incomprehensible because of my mistakes.

And by the way – Merry Christmas.

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