2stepnk8 (2stepnk8) wrote in bokononism,

happy birthday Mr. Vonnegut

For Halloween I tried coming up with an original costume and thought that it would be fun to be a character from one of Vonnegut's books. Due to time constraints and the fact that it would be pretty impossible to resemble a toilet plunger, I passed on the Tralfamadorian idea and decided on a Bokononist. I whipped together a little "Books of Bokonon" which included the books, calypsos and a few more quotes. I was about to make a t-shirt that said "Live by the foma that make you brave, and kind, and healthy, and happy," but I realized the whole costume would be lost by everyone I would see. So I thought it would be better to keep that idea for an opportunity where it would be appreciated. Anyways... seeing as how it was Vonnegut's birthday I wanted to do some sort of tribute, so today I left the "Books of Bokonon" on a bench in town for someone to find. Just thought I'd share :}

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