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Excerpt from Vonnegut's last book in Playboy

I just picked up the April issue.
I miss him.
So it goes

Playboy magazine has snagged an exclusive first serial from a new posthumously published book by Kurt Vonnegut.

The book is called “Armageddon and Other New and Unpublished Writings.”

Bonnie Soodek, serial rights editor at Putnam, said the new tome is to have a one-day laydown and a 175,000 first printing on April 1 - coinciding with the one-year anniversary of Vonnegut’s death.

The excerpt will appear in the April issue of Playboy, which hits newsstands next week.

Playboy landed the first serial rights with what is believed to have been a $25,000 offer.

Soodek wouldn’t confirm the figure, but said, “In a world of shrinking serial deals, it was a fabulous deal. Let’s just say that.”

Two other magazines tried to get it after Playboy had sewed it up.

“The excerpt is a first-person ac count of the fire bombing of Dres den,” said Playboy Editor Chris Na politano.

That experience was eventually the inspiration for one of Vonnegut’s most acclaimed novels, “Slaughterhouse Five.”

“It was coup for us,’ said Napolitano.
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